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Because staying healthy and well rested during Yacht Week can be a challenge…

Sea Band Anti-Nausea

sea band anti nausea wristbands

Nobody likes getting sea sick and that’s a fact. You’ll notice that many Yacht Weekers wearing these even if they’re not prone to sea-sickness.

Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief

dramamine motion sickness relief

Not into wearing a sea band for Yacht Week? No worries — Pick up a box of Dramamine and watch your sea sickness go away in no time.

Travel First Aid Kit

travel sized first aid kit

Accidents happen when you mix boats, alcohol and the open sea. This all-purpose First Aid Kit should have you covered in case of an emergency.

Ear Plugs

hearos ear plugs

If you want to get a single ounce of sleep during the Yacht Week then this is one of a few select items that you can’t be without.

Silk Sleep Mask

silk sleep mask

Sleep masks are crucial for a few obvious reasons. Combine this silk sleep mask with a pair of ear plugs and you’ll be in business.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

hanging toiletry bag

AmazonBasics makes a high quality, super convenient hanging toiletry bag that is perfect for YW. Plus, for the price it’s an absolute no-brainer.