Below, you’ll find what we consider to be the top tech necessities for Yacht Week.

02 COOL Portable Fan


Most Yacht Weekers don’t realize until it’s too late that many of the yachts don’t come equipped with air-conditioning.

While the evening hours will provide you respite from the direct sunlight, the heat never goes away and your boat will feel like an oven all the way through to the early morning hours.

If you really want to attempt to get a few hours rest you’re going to want to pick up one of these portable fans. They are a game changer — straight up.

Bestek Power Inverter


Power inverters are one of the most handy items to have with you on Yacht Week. Why?

Well, they not only make sure that your laptop stays charged but they also allow you to be sure that all of your devices (phones, tablets, cameras, etc) are fully charged and ready to rock throughout the week.

Specs: Dual USB ports, 1 standard three-prong plug input and best of all it can be plugged into the boats 12V cigarette lighter.

Waterproof Phone Case


Water damage happens and it happens often on Yacht Week. Whether it’s a wave that comes splashing over the deck or you get caught in the middle of an intense water gun fight — your phone will get soaked.

Whatever you do don’t let your phone be another Yacht Week casualty.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these cheap and durable waterproof phone cases. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

bose mini bluetooth speaker

Portable bluetooth speakers are single-handedly one of the most used items on YW. Now, we’re not saying that it’s absolutely necessary to pick up this specific speaker but we are simply informing you that this is the best portable bluetooth speaker on the market.

Fortunately, there are a million brands of portable bluetooth speakers and prices range anywhere from $30 to $250+.

In short, arrive to Yacht Week with this bad boy and you will definitely be the life of the party.

International Travel Adapter

international travel adapter

If you’re headed to Europe for Yacht Week this summer you’re going to want to be sure to pack a few of these.

Here at YWPL — we collectively carry 10 or more of these everywhere we go as we find that it’s one of the most actively used items in our bags.

Admittedly, we also lose a couple of these travel adapters every trip so having a few spares never hurts.

Specs: 2.4A Dual USB, Worldwide AC Wall Outlet Plugs (UK, US, AU, EUR, Asia)

Anker Portable Battery Charger

anker portable battery charger

Portable battery chargers are hands down one of the best items you can take along with you on your travels — especially on Yacht Week.

There are several styles, sizes and battery capacities available — choose one that suits you best.

We can personally vouch for Anker products as we’ve tested them extensively on our travels and we highly recommend them when it comes to power, longevity and durability.

Specs: 10,000 mAh PowerIQ speed charging technology

Intex Quick Fill Electric Pump

intex quick fill electric pump

Everyone wants to show off and flaunt their snazzy yacht week floats but so many people forget to pack a pump.

We recommend this INTEX Quick Fill Electric Air Pump due to the fact that it’s small, easy to pack and cheap enough to toss if you don’t feel like lugging it home with you.

Better yet, you don’t have to feel bad about wasting money on it because you can gift it to someone setting sail the following week after you return from your voyage.

Amazon Basics Apple Lightning Cable

lightning charging cable

Because you literally can never have enough charging cables on these types of trips.

Apple Lightning charging cables get thrown around, lost and stolen left and right on Yacht Week and you definitely don’t want to be that guy that’s always on mooching off of everyone because you want to top up your battery.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving without one (or three). Do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a few of these now before you set sail.

Anker 3.5mm Auxiliary Cord

3.5mm auxiliary audio cable

If you’re planning on providing the tunes and playing DJ on your yacht then you’re not going to want to arrive without an aux cable.

For whatever reason the Auxiliary cable always ends up being one of the more overlooked items on YW and considering they are so cheap and easy to pack, it’s something every boat should have on hand.

Pick up this Anker 3.5mm Premium Aux Cable now or enjoy your week at sea in silence.